The Ananda Line

Pure Incense

The stick without the wick!!!

The Ananda Line announces this breakthrough incense stick product.

Pure Incense presents an advanced process in incense stick production that gives a truer, healthier, and longer burning fragrance that any other incense stick on the market today. It has no bamboo core, as is found in old-fashioned incense sticks.

As a result:

· A Pure Incense stick burns with a true fragrance, unpolluted by the burning wood odor that the bamboo core of traditional incense sticks produce.

· A Pure Incense stick produces a non-allergenic fragrance, because it has a natural plant base. When burning, the bamboo (a grass) core in other incense sticks can cause allergic reactions in some people.

· A Pure Incense stick is made with cosmetic grade oil, the kind that can be applied to your skin. The typical incense stick sold to day is made with chemical grade oil. We believe that if you can't put it on your skin, you shouldn't breathe it into your lungs.

· A Pure Incense stick burns for a full hour, producing an all-incense fragrance for more than twice as long as any other brand. If you prefer a shorter duration, you can easily break off only the amount that you wish to burn and save the rest for later.

Pure Incense comes attractively packaged in tubes containing 20-30 handmade sticks and has a uniquely designed universal adaptor. This adaptor fits most incense burners available on the market today.

Pure Incense Special!

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