The Ananda Line

Premium Resin Incense

Resin Incense is the original way to use incense, offering the most natural way to burn incense in your home. Our premium fragrances offer you the more "hard-to-find" unique fragrances that provide the highest level of incense quality.

Fragrance Properties:

  • Cinnamon Vanilla Amber - Connects one with their childhood
  • Dragon's Blood - For love, protection & sexual potency
  • Egyptian Gardenia - Clean floral
  • Forest Blend - Helps one join with the energies of nature
  • Gloria - Healing, concentration and meditation
  • Moroccan Rose - Beautiful rose note
  • Nile Temple Blend - Magical perfume
  • Queen of Heaven - Health, blessings & good fortune
  • Sandalwood - Protection, healing, exorcism & spirituality
  • Vanilla Amber -Increases Physical Energy and Lifts the Spirits

Pure Incense Special!

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